Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My week at Quite Great PR

My week at Quite Great PR

Day 1: After being at a magazine for a week I felt I should go back to my university routes and work at a PR company. I chose Quite Great PR which is based in Cambridge so no more long days and train rides. It is also a music PR company and the music industry is what I’m looking to go into.

I started the day meeting the team. My friend had previously worked here so it was good putting faces to names. My first task was to write a “fantastic hen night idea” on wedding site forums. This was for an act touring in May and June called “Here come the boys” (like the Chippendales, basically). I had to make print outs for all the sites I had posted on to go into the client folder to show them what work was being done.

After that I had to ring around local businesses for a networking event Quite Great was putting on the next day called the QGI. All of the people I spoke to said it was too short notice so it was a pretty pointless exercise really. At lunch we went round town and asked local businesses if they wished to attend the event. We had one maybe.

Day 2: I spent today sticking newspaper clippings into folders. This was so if any of the team wanted to find out who was the arts editor for say the times all they need to do was look in the folder and it will tell them. I thought this was a really good idea and quite enjoyed just sticking things down. Later on I went with two of the team to set up the room they had hired in a bar in town for the networking event. After the room was set the people started to arrive. It was good seeing what the staffs were doing to try and interest potential clients. The event was set up like speed dating and after 5 minutes everyone moved round and spoke to different people. I was told I wouldn’t be speaking to anyone but at the last minute I was put in. I didn’t mind this as I am sociable person anyway and for the most part I just had to speak about myself, what I was doing at uni, why I was there etc.

Day 3: Today I was ill, which was a real disappointment. As it was the Easter week I was only working there 4 days anyway.

Day 4: I got to write a press release today. It was for a band called Tommy Tokyo who are Norwegian and will be playing at the Great Escape Festival in May. This was really good and I was really pleased when the only thing that needed changing on the release was moving the quotes from the bottom to the top. It was posted out with their album and a couple of other albums and releases. I spent the afternoon doing mail outs for the team.

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  1. Charlotte, I'd be interested to hear about your overall experience at QG, I worked there last year x if you want to chat and network :) x