Thursday, 23 July 2009

Copenhagen times!

I am writing from the lovely little town of Copehagen in Denmark. (There’s a mermaid here ya’know). We’ve got this cool little Activista workshop thingymajig going on, it is mucho’s fun times. We’re learning all about how amazing Activista is and how we can help fight world hunger. This is an important issue so listen up, learn and then do something to help.

We have a variety of Activista’s here from a whole heap of countries inc. UK (moi), Nigeria, Nepal, Brazil, Uganda, Kenya, Greece, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Denmark. We’re getting together and seeing what each other is doing and what more we can do. It’s all in preparation for world food day which is on October 16th this year. This is prior to the UN food meeting in November. We’re coming up with ideas and strategies for the HungerFREE campaign over the next two weeks and I’ll keep you updated on what we decide and possibly how you can get involved

Anywho, catch ya later x

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