Thursday, 23 July 2009

So far!!

Okay people, so we’ve been here for 4 days now and got some pretty impressive decisions under our belt.

First things first, World Food Day, on October the 16th. We’ve decided on doing a making noise action (pretty much the opposite to a minutes silence). This will be really good and every Activísta across the globe will be part of this, so make sure you make your noise! Also, we will be running an online facebook action. This will involve changing your facebook profile picture to a designated WFD image and also having a line in your status about it. Then ofcourse getting all your friends to do the same. Everyone should definatly get involved with this as it’s so easy and will take about 30 seconds to make an action and feel part of the campaign.

Some of the countries will be holding a meal outside parliament to show the politicians what poor people have to eat. Bit of a shock tactic that will work really well.

We also gave a presentation to ActionAids country directors yesterday. This was about Activista and how we need more funds and human resources for our really good cause. Also, how we have and will continue to benefit ActionAid in the youth movement.

Moving on from this today we decided on to expand Activista. There was lots of plans and targets made which is really positive and definately an achievable goal over the next 5 years. There was also some decisions made on the 2010 strategy, but more to come so will update later on in the seminar.

Hope you’re all good and keep checking back to find out what we’re doing and how you can get involved. x

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